Definition of bond energy in the dictionary. Definition of bond dissociation energy in the dictionary. Please contribute to this project, if you have more information about this term feel free to edit this page. Chemical compounds are formed by the joining of two or more atoms. high-energy phosphate bond synonyms, high-energy phosphate bond pronunciation, high-energy phosphate bond Bond Energies The bond energy is the amount of energy (enthalpy) required to break or form a bond in 1 mole of gaseous molecules, which is expressed as kJ/mol. The energy required to break 1 mol of the bond in the gas phase. Examples of bond energies are provided. What is phosphate-bond energy? Mastering Chemistry Definitions. This is the definition of bond energy, an important chemistry and biology glossary term. What does bond energy mean? Define high-energy phosphate bond. Define chemical bond. A type of bond in a molecule that is in a high energy state, such as atp compared to adp, atp has much more energy potential. A financial marketplace where debt instruments, primarily bonds, are bought and sold is called a bond market. chemical bond synonyms, chemical bond pronunciation, chemical bond translation, English dictionary definition of chemical bond. Definition: Bond price is the present discounted value of future cash stream generated by a bond. In chemistry, bond energy (E) or bond enthalpy (H) is the measure of bond strength in a chemical bond. A high paying bond with a lower credit rating than investment-grade corporate bonds, Treasury bonds and municipal bonds. 1) The amount of energy necessary to break one mole of bonds of a given kind (in gas phase). Bond order is the number of chemical bonds between a pair of atoms. Meaning of bond energy. VSEPR model or VSEPR theory talks about the shape of a molecule depending upon the number of atoms or ions surrounding the central atom/ion. What does bond dissociation energy mean? ... atoms bond together to obtain stable octets. Bond-dissociation energy (BDE or D 0) is one measure of the strength of a chemical bond. When a chemical reaction occurs, chemical bonds are broken and formed. Define high energy bond. Chemical reactions involve the breaking and forming of chemical bonds. Chapter 9. What is a 'Bond Rating' A bond rating is a grade given to bonds that indicates their credit quality. Home High Energy Bond. Definition of phosphate-bond energy in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Chemical bonds adsorb and release a specific amount of energy. Meaning of bond dissociation energy. In physics, energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. Bond energy. The definition of chemical energy is energy released in a chemical reaction or absorbed in the creation of a chemical compound. Start studying Leaving Cert Chemistry Definitions. Definitions of Bond energy, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Bond energy, analogical dictionary of Bond energy (English) Look it up now! High-energy phosphate bond definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Bond-dissociation energy (BDE or D 0) is one measure of the strength of a chemical bond. Meaning of Bond energy medical term. Bond energy explanation free. Looking for online definition of Bond energy in the Medical Dictionary? high energy bond synonyms, high energy bond pronunciation, high energy bond translation, English dictionary definition of high energy bond